September 1 is a good day

GOD DAMNNN. I was looking forward to September 1. with great excitement and truth to be told, anxciety. Why? Because today they were going to let me know whether I get accepted to CALARTS (California Institute of Arts) on Graphic Design specialization.

Waking up 6 AM something, first thing I obviously check my e-mail, hoping to find out whether there’s one from Cali. Instead of one e-mail, I seem to have received like 8 of them, literally confusing my half-a-sleep brain. First thing I notice: “Welcome to the Fundamentals of Graphic Design class”. FUCK YEAH. This must be good. I quickly glimpse over the other e-mails and peace and joy enters my body. Fuck being half-a-sleep, I am FULL-AWAKEN. THIS KID GOT ACCEPTED.

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